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 Job Creation Template

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PostSubject: Job Creation Template   Sun Dec 07, 2014 12:38 pm

Job Title: The title of the job goes here! Make sure that it reflects the purpose of the job properly!
Rank: Specify the rank of this mission's difficulty here!
Player Requirements: This is where you detail what parameters the participant(s) must meet to be eligible to perform this mission! Examples would that they have to be a certain rank, meet a certain number of posts or words typed, use a certain magic, or even be a certain gender!
Job Requirements: This is where you layout what must be done in this mission.
Job Location: Though some jobs can be started in a certain place, remember to put where the job itself must take place in this section!
Job Description: This is where you describe the mission itself. Note who is giving this mission, what must be done to succeed in detail, any technicalities that the participants must deal with as well!
Enemies: If your mission requires fighting in any form of the aspect, you must provide details about the expected enemies. There is are Weak, Normal, Strong, and Boss types monsters/enemies on jobs. Please not that you do not have to have enemies in your job, but they do help one with filling their posts and meeting posting requirements. Also not that you do not have to have every enemy type in your mission as well.

Reward: This is where you detail what each participant will receive for accomplishing this mission!



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Job Creation Template
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