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 Staff List

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PostSubject: Staff List   Fri Dec 05, 2014 8:44 pm

- Owner -
The owner, also know as founder, was the one who created the Fairy Tail RP: Unleashed. He's the one who brought the site together, along with the staff members.

- Administrators -
Administrators deal with jewel transfers, managing moderators, group approvals, character approvals, and event management. They also do some content developing work and should be the ones you go to if a moderator is not present or is not helpful in your situation.

- Moderators -
Moderators deal with character approvals and enforce the rules at all times. They are in charge of making new players feel at home and report anything they can't do to administrators.

- Chatbox Moderators -
Chatbox Moderators are in charge of making sure nobody starts a flame war or an unnecessary argument in the chatbox. They have the right to enforce other staff members that break any rules in the chatbox. They have the power to kick players as a warning and ban players if they repeat the offense (and they have to notify an administrator if they do).

Staff Application:
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Staff List
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