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High Lord Maester

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PostSubject: WIP   Sun Dec 07, 2014 9:53 pm

[center]yourappearance - Obviously you need to take out yourappearance and replace it with an image of your appearance. The code is [img] L I N K here[/ img]. Take out the space between the slash (/) and 'img]'.


Name: Maester
Gender: Other
Age: 701
Birthday: 5, December
Sexuality: Other.
Special Characteristics:

Personality: A deceitful master of black and shadow arts, Maester will lie and cheat his way to achieve goals, more likely to back stab partners rather than achieving a goal together. Maester is a master of manipulating the battlefield into his advantage, destroying nature without a second thought and if that isn't enough, Maester will summon a temporal dimensional rift. Being a master of the shadows, Maester is also a master thief, able to pickpocket enemies if a chance shows. Usually found roaming around in the forest line, he challenges all visitors that wish to enter his domain. Favoring pride and honor above all, Maester will go out in search for potential criminals currently climbing the ranks.

All of the runes afflicting Maester has deformed his sense of morality, making him insane and likely to perform rash actions. It likes to show it's dominance in every way, mocking fallen foes in the short period of time after the killing blow has been dealt and torturing civilians before releasing them for Maester's shadow minions to deal with. During battles, Maester is a speed demon, able to dodge attacks from multiple targets and cast more spells then normal.

  • Thieving: A favorite pastime of Maester, If he isn't seen doing this, he is out battling or achieving goals.

  • Material Items: Maester loves hoarding items. Maester will, however, use his material items as ranged weapons

  • Fighting: Fighting is Maester's second favorite thing to do. This mystical being is also trying to satisfy his blood lust


  • Disobedience: Being seen as a challenge to Maester's honor, Maester will deal with disobedience in a prolonged manner before feeding his victim to his shadow minions

  • Cowards: Those who run away from Maester only makes him annoyed at having to chase down his target

  • Diplomacy: Favoring battle over talking, bargaining is not a thing Maester likes. Maester would rather manipulate the diplomat then discussing terms of peace

Motivations: Maester, before being warped into the being he is, also wanted to gain more knowledge and power. It craved for it everyday, venturing into mysterious ruins for months upon end. After it's transformation, it still yearns for power and knowledge, but also now yearns for bloodshed, for death, destruction, war, and for doom upon all. The love of adventure is strong in the being, never stopping to rest even after days of vigorous mental and physical challenges. Maester loves to find new shiny things to keep on his adventures, it loves the feel of adrenaline coursing through his veins, the feeling of his heart pumping, his vision narrowing onto his target, and the feeling of immense power. Maester's last motivation is his desire to be the most powerful. Maester will challenge all beings who cross his path in an attempt to prove his strength to himself. (To be changed when history is done)

Fears: Maester's biggest fear is the day when it all ends, the day when he has to activate his Rune of Death. Maester has no backup plan for coming back to life once he is disposed of, and because of all of his sins, he would be condemned to a faith worse than hell.

The excitement of battle and adventure keeps Maester moving, it is the one thing it lives for on a day to day basis. The fear of performing everything possible, and thus rendering each action not amusing, would then make it's life in it's eyes, useless.

Maester's last fear is the fear of defeat, for if it is defeated, it us not the most powerful being. It will never be able to catch up with his new rival as both would progress at the same time. (To be changed when history is done)


Height: 5'6"
Weight: Weightless
Hair: Black Wispy Cloud
Eyes: Black Wispy Clouds with Deep Red Flame-like Pupils
Others: N/A
General Appearance: Maester is composed of a black-shadowy cloud of energy with an armor plate on the breast. It's black-red eyes are the most noticeable piece of the figure, as well as being able to be seen in the darkest of nights. The being fills all viewers with fear at first sight. The most notable color of Maester is not black, but the blood red accents on his body.


Guild: Transcendent Wings
Guild Tattoo: Middle of Chest
Rank: D-Rank


History: Once a normal young boy, Maester's true name was never known, most people just called him Lazarus. Lazarus was adopted by a pair of peasant parents. He lived in an underground ancient civilization of which the buildings, if they could be called that, was built of mystical blue stones that could withstand thousands of explosions before crumbling. The roof of the civilization was 73 feet high, with blue orbs of light illuminating the area casting as much light as a full moon on the surface. The civilization was home to at least 400 members, all of which kept traditions and honor in high regard, sacrifices would be offered in hopes of fantasy. Lazarus was a gifted magician, at the age of 2 he was the top performing student at his academy. At the age of 7, he graduated the highest regarded college as a valedictorian. He then studied the act of runes and marks for several more years after that, learning runes to protect, heal, and help his fellow citizens. For a short period, Lazarus had a "dark" period, gorging himself on whatever knowledge of power he could obtain, putting off his original studies. The power of runes terrified him. Dark stories were portrayed in vivid books of those who attempted to try a single mark for an advantage for the silliest things. It morphed the victim's body, forming cuts which would never go away, melt the face and create bulges of flesh, fingernails would grow the wrong way, cutting through the flesh of the finger and piercing the bone. At the age of 13, he was the assistant of Elios, who held the title of Maester, a high council member who was the master of healing. Elios was an old man full of wisdom. At night, he would always retire into his study room and lock himself for hours upon end experimenting new forms of runes. Elios was a cheerful man with a hearty attitude, always the selfless and generous man. Under his tutorship, Lazarus learned more than he had within 3 years of his studies. He perfected the art of drawing runes, able to draw them flawlessly in under 2 seconds. At the age of 17, Lazarus was taking care of a patient when Elios called for him in his office.
"Lazarus, I've been your superior for a long time and I've watched you improve from a small child to the grand man you are. I have also aged tremendously throughout the years", Elios said, letting out a sigh,"Not even runes will help me now, I can feel my time is coming soon and a new Maester will be needed". Lazarus squealed with delight.
"Thank you, Sir. I won't let you down!", said the giddy Lazarus. The new Maester performed his duties faithfully for several years. The years of work, however, began to anger him. It infuriated him how many weaklings would come to him for his healing aid. He went back to studying the runes of power. He was determined to wipe out all opposition to his faction and become the one true dominant power of the world. He began experimenting the runes on his friends. Slowly, he transitioned to experimenting on his patients. Everyone began regarding him as a madman. One day after Lazarus' 23rd birthday, Elios walked into the Maester's quarters to confront Lazarus. The once peaceful, organized study now was a disaster. The old books on the shelves now lay all over the floor, as if an earthquake knocked them off of the shelf. The shelves were replaced with books of power, books of only the knowledge of power. The wooden floorboards were darkening from the shiny brown into a moldy black. Lazarus, frustuated, threw a book at the lamp hanging on the ceiling. The lighting fixture unhooked from the surface and fell to the ground, shattering into pieces.
"You think you're so strong don't you? Hmm? You are nothing", shouted Elios
Suprised, Lazarus responded,"You just don't understand my goals. You were never here for me after you quit. If you understood my intentions, you would agree with me and get others to join." An idea began to wear it's ugly head into Lazarus' mind. "You are knowledgeable in runes, more so than me. What do you know about runes of power?" Lazarus slouched in his chair, his facial features expressing interest.
Elios approached the Maester's desk, the knocking of wood could be heard echoing from his walking cane. Knock, knock, knock. Lazarus watched the old man's motions with extreme intent. The old man sat down on an old rocking chair. The chair groaned under his weight. Elios let out a tired sigh and looked up right into Lazarus' eyes.
"I trifled about it in my spare time."
"Tell me what you know."
"For what reason?"
"For the pure reason of that I said to", Elios said raising his voice.
"Temper, temper young man."
"Temper? TEMPER!", Lazarus slammed his hand onto the wooden desk,"You were the one who came in here and began shouting at me! No exchanges of greeting, no-no 'How was your day!' or 'My gosh, how long has it been?'", Lazarus' face began to turn red.

"I am your worst nightmare realized." - Maester
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