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 Guild Information & Members

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Guild : Transcendent Wings | Seven Sins
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PostSubject: Guild Information & Members   Sun Dec 07, 2014 5:51 pm

Thousands of years ago, Transcendent Wings  was lead by a powerful force of nature. Waging it's war against all of Fiore only to submit it all under its own corrupted will. This entity was called the Lichborne, a being of powers above any imagination. But then during the last battle against the ones whom still protected the country, the Lichborne was defeated and vanished, never to be heard of again. As years went by, the name Lichborne became nothing more then a vague whisper in the dark, fading and forgotten by history itself. The guild became nothing more then an empty hall where dark mages and other villains gathered and the guild's infamy dwindled till it was nothing more then a mere shadow of its former glory. But none knew that the Lichborne slumbered under the bowels of the guild…waiting to strike once again upon the citizens of Fiore. And so came a day unlike any other, an era had passed and Transcendent Wings  had been gaining her strength once again. Ready to live up to its former glory. 

New dark mages gathered, along with any bandit, thug and evildoers they could find. All answering their master's call, the Lichborne had returned. Awaken from it's eternal slumber. From there on out, Transcendent Wings waged war once again upon Fiore, destroying towns and guilds. Until they came upon Magnolia Town, where a coalition of the legal guilds lead by some of the most famous mages fought back and eventually defeated them. Driving the Lichborne back to where it came from once again. The guild itself fell into disarray with its ancient master gone. It's members scattered around the land, some searching for the master that vanished again. And others with new goals. But one person saw that there was still potential in the guild, the power it had was still there. But not in numbers anymore, no he had a different plan. An elite dark guild with only a few members that hold the same power as an entire army. He would rise the guild out of the ashes of the old one. And together they would form a new Transcendent Wings.

Welcome to 'the Reformed Transcendent Wings'

The Reformed Transcendent Wings can be seen as a mixture between Oracion Seis and Grimoire Heart. And thus has a rather peculiar hierarchy. At the top you will have the guild master with directly under him his second in command, which is the first Ace. Directly beneath the first Ace comes the second and third aces, along with two other people. They form the Four Pillars that govern Transcendent Wings. Other members simply work under the pillars. They are dogs of the pillars. To receive a position, defeat the previous one. That is how our hierarchy works.

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Guild Information & Members
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