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 [APPROVED] Shuhei Kisaragi

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PostSubject: [APPROVED] Shuhei Kisaragi   Sun Dec 07, 2014 3:36 pm


Name: Shuhei Kisaragi
Gender: Male
Birthday: 19, September
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics: N/A

Personality: In almost every sense of the word, Shuhei is a playboy. Alcohol, Drugs, women; Shuhei is a very fun loving jovial fellow who likes to enjoy himself and isn't afraid to spend top dollar for higher quality. Even though he earns far more than what most would consider average earnings, he tends to keep his wallet empty, impulsively buying expensive things which he thinks look nice or just simply partying it away. He's also not afraid to spend other peoples money. His debts are out of this world and he's often harassed by debt collectors and he is not beyond milking his friends out of every cent they're willing to give him. It's not that he has a love of money or material things. He actually gives away most of what he buys. (mostly to his debt collectors.) Shuhei is simply the kind of man who knows what he wants and will not deny himself those things.

Although he is usually seen as a very flirtatious and laid back fellow, Shuhei has a very cunning and devious side to him when the situation warrants it. He often uses small talk and conversation as a method of distracting his opponent during combat. He speaks in a polite tone but is very sarcastic at times as well. Prodding his opponents with word play and jokes and then laughing at them. This is usually a product of his lack of concern. He's confident in his own abilities and he finds it easy to crack jokes and maintain his composure in the midst of battle. When a fight becomes a bit more heated his more serious side begins to come out, acting more aggressively and speaking less as he focuses more on the task at hand. When fighting with his friends or comrades, he is not beyond putting them in harms way to use them as bait. His intellect allows him to exploit even his allies weaknesses to make his opponents think that they've gained the upper hand, when in fact he's only using them as bait. He often gets scolded by his friends for this but in reality he would never put them in any real danger. At least danger that he wasn't positive he could get them out of.


  • Daylight: Shuhei enjoys the warmth of the sun more than anything on earth. He feels an overwhelming sense of comfort when the air is calm and the sky is clear allowing the Sun to grace his skin with its warm touch. He feels happier and in better health and some even think Shuhei's physical strength is greater during the day.  

  • Spicy Food: Being of Persian descent he has a taste for spicy and flavorful food. There is no spice he cannot handle and usually when he cooks he is the only one capable of eating whatever it is he's cooking. Another odd quality he possesses is that he's capable of eating enormous quantities of food without gaining a pound. His friends often wonder how it is he's capable of maintaining his physique even with an appetite as large as his.

  • Quality Goods: Shuhei is not the kind of man to settle for cheap products. He wears only the finest clothing and eats only the finest food. However he is not someone who loves his things and cherishes money, he simply has fine taste.  

  • Women: Shuhei is what most women refer to as "A Flirt." He rarely has to make an effort when looking for a woman as most see him as desirable to begin with. Though Shuhei always prefers a challenge, so gorgeous women that play hard to get are his favorites.


  • Rainy and clowdy days: Dark cloudy days robs Shuhei of the joy of being in the sun and therefore he doesn't like them. It affects his psyche and he becomes dull, dreary and just all around negative. Even his skin becomes noticeably paler.  

  • Crowds: Shuhei's is unable to control his attraction to women and he's become fairly famous over the years and so he has trouble walking out in to public or crowded areas without being crowded by fans. He always aims to please but sometimes it can be quite a hassle, especially when he has a job that needs doing.

  • Authority: if there is one thing Shuhei hates more than anything it is being told what to do and when to do it. People who think they have the right to command him, is really the only things that can make Shuhei show signs of anger. When assigned to a team for which he is not the leader, he usually tends to take charge and act as though he were the leader which usually results in a power struggle between him and the actual leader.

Shuhei was born with natural talent and a mind capable of comprehending the unimaginable, which is why he chose the path of the Mage. He desires to witness incredible and unimaginable things, that even Mages would believe to be unthinkable. Even more, he desires to find what he refers to as "The Perfect Rival." Someone just as powerful and talented or even more so than he is so that he could test the limits of his power. Lastly Shuhei desires Bliss. He indulges in things like alcohol and drugs in order to put himself in a happier state of mind, though it cannot compare to the warmth and comfort he hasn't felt since his earliest memory.

Other than the slight chill down his back he gets from the sight of those creepy Spiders, Shuhei doesn't fear the frightening or the dangerous. What others would consider courage is in fact an overdose of confidence which prevents Shuhei from fearing the things that bump in the night or things that could be considered life threatening. He has realized long ago that fear isn't real and is only a compilation of irrational thoughts. If he had to be afraid of something, it would be fear itself.  

Despite his incredible courage and confidence, he is a strong believer in the fact that Hell hath no fury, like a woman's scorned. Though he doesn't fear what most would consider scary, angry women have this effect on Shuhei and though usually he is capable of "swaying" them, when he "sways" more than one at a time they seem to get angrier than what he's capable of handling... It is usually enough to make him hide in the closet.

Finally, Shuhei only fears himself and what he's capable of. The dark and malicious nature of his magic often frightens him because he can't always maintain absolute control over his blood lust. He hides behind smiles and jokes during combat but really he's holding back desperate emotions to tear people limb from limb. There is a Demon inside of him that wants out.


Height: 5'11"
Weight: 183 lbs
Hair: White
Eyes: Silver
Others: N/A
General Appearance: Shuhei is of medium build and is a very muscular individual. His percent of body fat is very close to zero and would be if he didn't binge on alcohol and fine foods now and then. His dark skin tone, white hair and silver eyes gives him a very mystique look and his fine facial features gives him a slightly delicate appearance which most women find attractive in a man. Shuhei dislikes constricting clothing so he often wears old fashion traditional silk robes of all colors but usually white and isn't afraid to sport certain accessories like male jewelry. At first glance one would assume he is a Noble from the desert country. 


Guild: Transcendent Wings
Guild Tattoo: Middle of back
Rank: X-Rank


History: N/A

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[APPROVED] Shuhei Kisaragi
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