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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Fri Dec 05, 2014 7:19 pm

Here in Fairy Tail RP: Unleashed, we want everybody to enjoy themselves and have a good time doing what they love: role-playing. Thus, the administrators have come up with a set of rules that must be followed. Failure to do so will result in warnings, temporary bans, permanent bans, and IP bans! However, these rules are simple and easy to follow, so we hope that none of that happens. Follow the rules!

- Disrespect is not tolerated on the site. Keep drama and other immature actions off the forum. Even still, if we find out you are trash-talking members or the site itself on another forum or messaging service, we reserve the right to institute a punishment as seen fit.

- This site is rated PG-13, meaning we allow limited cursing, no sexual content above kissing and suggestive contact, and furthermore no inappropriate images. We don't like banning people, but we will if you get us reported to Forumotion.

- You should use proper spelling and grammar in role-play posts. Please try to be as detailed as possible, and try to post around a paragraph or so. One liners aren't the best of quality. Having shorter posts is okay when you don't have much action to take, but more detail will help paint a better picture of the circumstances.

- You are allowed to respectfully disagree or question staff judgment on grading and we will, in most instances, explain our side and possibly change a previous decision if we ran into an error. In the end, we reserve the right to have final say on all changes and postings. In other words, we do make mistakes and will own up to them, however if we feel we have not made a mistake and explain this to you, we are allowed to say, "That's your problem." in the event you still do not see where we are coming from.

- Your username should be your character's name. It can simply be a first name or both first and last. It should not contain any symbols or numbers. The name must also be real and not something like "fatboy69" or something along those lines. If you want your username changed because you did not know of this rule yet, please ask staff.

- There shall be no advertising in the chatbox. Do not post up any links to any other site unless it is a major site (google, youtube).

- If you have a complaint about a particular member and you want to notify staff, please take a screenshot and send it to staff so they can review it and take action. If we deem your complaint valid, then you may get a reward for your loyal actions to the great Shuhei-sama.

- Do not bug a staff member to look at your stuff. They reserve the right to deny any application, so if you bug them too much, that might just happen. Please keep in mind that they are not robot dinosaurs that constantly work. They are human.

- You agree to sell you soul to Shuhei and Fairy Tail RP: Unleashed. We need souls to keep this site running, not donations. So give me your soul.
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Site Rules
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